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Amazon Truck Project

iTag and iHub enables the Amazon Drivers to keep track of the packages in the Truck

The Truck contains iTags (Labels) on each package energized by iHubs and a Cellular iHub to communicate to the Amazon Cloud

The Truck contains an equal amount of iTags and iHubs on the opposite side of the Truck.

The following is the Front View of the Truck with the associated iTags and iHubs.

The Problem


At the Supply Chain point of entry at the Amazon Fulfillment Center all packages are scanned using Bar Code Scanners, RFID stickers or NFC Tags.


The Amazon Ecosystem cannot accurately track the location of all the packages in the warehouse or the Trucks.


The Amazon drivers work off a paper list of packages in the Truck at loading time.


Each Yellow or Green Plastic Bind in the Truck does not identify the packages inside.


The Overfill packages on the left side of the Truck also cannot be identified unless the driver uses a RFID or Bar Code Scanner.


The delivery of packages from the truck to the customer site is tracked by uses a camera to take a picture of the package left at the customer door entry and uploaded to the Amazon Cloud


The Solution


The iTag makes the tracking of packages more efficient utilizing new Bluetooth Low Energy Sensor Tags that track the location of each package.

The iHub energizes Battery-Free (Never have to change) iTags, placed on each package and enables an Intelligent Identity or Digital Twin of the package transmitting REAL TIME embedded motion and temperature sensors Drivers Mobile Phone Application.

The iHub also acts as a Wi-Fi Router to enable the iTags to transmit SKU information, Point or Origin of shipment and other encrypted data to the Amazon Logistics Servers.

The Amazon drivers utilize an iBytesTM Cell Phone Application to track the packages as they are loaded from the Docking Centers to the customer locations

Each Yellow or Green Plastic Bind in the Truck is equipped with a iHub Sensor network that can either be read by the driver’s cell phone or transmitted over public or private cellular networks

The Cellular Network iHub is mounted to the Amazon Truck and the location and individual package data can be transmitted to the Amazon Logistics Servers.

iTag/iHub Block Diagram

iTag with Bluetooth Low Energy Sensors

What Do The Look Like?


How are iTags Made?

On A Printer:

iHub – is the Intelligent Hub or Gateway that provides the Data Flow of iTags to the Cloud.

iFob – is the Intelligent Freight On Board Supply Chain Ecosystem

iTags – are BLE Tags without Batteries, with Sensors

iBytes – is the Data Flow and Intelligence gathering from Sensors on the iTags


iHub - LTE Gateway

iBridge - Transmitter

iTag - NFC, RFID, Bluetooth

iTag - Introducing Intelligent Tags for IoT

Low-cost IoT sensor tags

The iTag Electronic Label is  Bluetooth and our proprietary Product Portfolio

iHub is the Intelligent Hub or Gateway that provides the Data Flow of iTags to the Cloud.

iFob is the Intelligent Freight On Board Supply Chain Ecosystem


The following video displays another product called the iTag Beacon with the iHubs connected to the AWS Cloud. 


It allows the location of Warehouse Employees throughout the Floor Plan to be located in Real Time along with the Pallets.

The iTag/iHub Warehouse Workflow

The iTag Supply Chain Ecosystems Defined

The iTag can be placed on the Pallet and sense motion

Artificial Intelligence Learning Models for the iTag Eco-System

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